Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mundare Trip

Thursday morning we got up, exercised, well Chris and I
exercised, Jason talked to Abby and worked on his computer.
Then we got in the car and headed for Mundare, the sausage capital
of Canada.  Another hit, I just knew that Jason would love this place.
You can't visit Mundare and not take a picture by the giant sausage.
Jason was a good sport, besides he said Abby would be mad
if he didn't get a picture by this very large sausage.
After the picture we took Jason over to Stawnichy's Mundare Sausage
House, where we tasted sausage, pepperoni and jerky.
Jason loved it.  We bought a little of each for the guys to snack on.
The two of them finished off a pepperoni before we even left town, 
it was jalapeno cheese flavored.
On the way to Mundare I thought I spotted a moose on the side
of the road, but Jason was pulling my leg and kept telling me that
it wasn't a moose, it was just a pile of tires.
So when we were on our way home, I carefully scrutinized the side
of the road because I know what I saw and I had to prove it.
Sure enough, I spotted them again and I insisted that Chris turn the
car around so that I could prove it to Jason.  He just laughed.
We got lots and lots of pictures, there were two here, I thought it
was a mama and baby, but Chris thought they both looked young.
Then we drove a little further down the road, trying to find a spot to
turn around and we saw this little cutie hiding in the trees.  Score!
Doesn't look like tires to me, Jason!

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