Thursday, February 14, 2013


I had to put out my decorations for zone leader council.  It makes
everything more fun, at least for me.
I definitely will go through my things when I get back home.
I really need to cut back.  I have plenty of things up here and boxes
and boxes of more back home.  Time to downsize and classy things up.
I do love my aprons, those I will keep.

Can you see anything different in the above two pictures?
Look closely.
I had a little mischievous hobgoblin, that kept turning my sign upside
down, any idea who that might be, Chris?  I'd fix it, then in a day or
two, it would be upside down again, so funny.
I found the cute ruffled cookie cutter this year and had to buy it.
I must have really liked it because I found two just like it when I
unpacked my decorations this year, oops!
This is my new purchase this year, isn't he cute,
it just screams, Bee Mine!

Fridge magnets, makes me want to write poetry.
I purchased these darling red plates last year, so cute.  
Haven't even unwrapped them yet.

Ahhh, isn't love grand!s

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