Sunday, February 17, 2013


We were Skyping with Tyler and Heather like we
do every Sunday evening.  They told us they wanted 
to show us a picture of their Sunbeam class, playing
in the coat closet before singing time, something they've done
many times before, so we didn't think much of it.

They were going to send it to our phones when Chris told them
they could just send it over Skype, so he walked them through how to 
do it and this is what we got.

The picture popped up and it took us only a second to process the picture, 
they took us completely by surprise, we had no clue.  Bless their hearts,
they've kept it to themselves for three months.  They told Courtney first
because they needed her to take the picture for them.  Then they shared it 
with us.  We were so thrilled and happy for them.   They were pretty 
excited themselves.  You couldn't have wiped the smile off Tyler's face,
even if you'd tried.  I've never seen him happier.  He will make a terrific
daddy!  And we are so happy that we will be home to witness it, first hand.

This is how they told their siblings.   
They invited them over on Sunday afternoon to give them 
some Valentine cookies that they had made them.
When the kids arrived at the house, they handed each of them their
own individual cookie with the appropriate "title", uncle or
aunt.  So cute, then they gave each of the couples a picture like
they sent us.  It was a wonderful day.

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