Saturday, February 2, 2013

ZLC-Be Mine!

Another ZLC rolls around, just in time for Valentine's,
so of course that's the direction I went with lunch.
I started with the tables.  I set them with napkins,
Valentine plates, rolls, butter and layered jello salad.
pink lemonade and strawberry milk
red pear and cranberry green salad
the tables looked lovely, I'm sure the elders will notice, and agree  
I added cups of valentine chocolates
The meal consisted of green bean casserole,
pink mashed potatoes and swiss steak.
The elders seemed to enjoy the meal, 
even if I did dye some of the food for the valentine effect.
Our leadership is getting really young, because of all the new missionaires.
I guess I have to teach these new leaders some manners.  I never had this
problem with the elders in the past.  
This group didn't even clear their plates, napkins and cups from the table.
And they left a mess on the chairs.  I expect more from my missionaries.
Dessert consisted of fresh strawberry shortcake with pink cake.
Besides serving lunch to 16 people, my other job is to take pictures
of the group with 15 different cameras.  And this is the hardest job.
I can never get them to take this part seriously, there is always one
that pulls a funny face.  I can see at least two.  I try and see if I can catch
them off guard and snap a picture before they can be silly.
I told them on this one that I wanted a serious face, it almost looks painful.
And this one, well no holds barred!

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