Friday, February 1, 2013

Crooked Creek

The missionaries have told us for months about these amazing donuts,
at this little off the road place between Grand Prairie and Valley View.
The area is called Crooked Creek and the little general store shares
the same name.  It's actually run by mennonites.
This time we remembered to stop and check it out for ourselves.
We almost missed it, if you blink, you would miss it.
They even had a few snowflakes and hearts hanging in the windows.
I took a few bites before I remembered to take a picture.  They were
pretty good, you could tell they were freshly made and the glaze had
a hint of almond flavor, I liked that.  I was being a good girl and only 
had one, Chris only had one too, donuts that is.
He couldn't help himself and bought a pan of these, they were still warm.
He ate two before we made it back to Edmonton.  I just had a little taste,
luckily I didn't care for them.  Whew!

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