Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jason In Jasper

We had the best treat ever, Jason surprised us with a visit.
So we tried to think of activities that he would especially enjoy.
The morning after he arrived (12:10 AM flight) we jumped in the
car and headed out to Jasper, I knew that Chris and Jason would really
 enjoy taking pictures.  We've heard that it's gorgeous in the wintertime.
I sat in the back seat so the two of them could talk.  It was heartwarming
to hear them catch up and just visit with each other.  We stopped in
Hinton and ate a sack lunch then headed into the park.  That's
when I started looking for wildlife and picture opportunities.
This is the first one I spotted.  I saw this from the road and
could see some real possibilities.
Wait for it. . . . 
There it is, gorgeous!
Look at that mountain in the background, breathtaking.
Yes, you're seeing it right, he's out on the ice, taking pictures.
I kept telling him, "it's your camera".  It wasn't deep, but it's COLD!
And it would defiantly ruin his camera.
Will you just look at that picture, the trees, the mountain, the frozen
river, amazing!
Yes, he's still out on the ice.
Just across the street was a stunning green lake.  I guess it's a lake?
Look at that color and cracks in the ice.
And yes, he's out on the ice, again!  This would be a lot deeper.
I couldn't watch, I had to go back to the car and besides, it was freezing.
I'm not going to comment on every picture, just take a look, and 
enjoy the wonder.
When we drove into Jasper, we went straight to Athabasca Falls.
These are the mountains around the falls.
I could hardly believe my eyes, it was so beautiful.  Enjoy!

Chris and Jason were trying their best to make me crazy.
They actually climbed over the fence at one point, to get the
perfect picture.  That's when I walked away and started to
cry, I could just picture them falling to their death.
Sorry, that's just the way I am.

A little french snow man, complete with mustache.
I can't believe a shark can survive in this cold water, see his fin
coming out of the water?
Still after that perfect shot.
I think I got a few perfect shots of my own, if I do say so myself.

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