Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jasper-Day 2

We ate dinner at the Jasper Pizza Place, it was very tasty pizza.
We stayed in Jasper over night then drove over to Maligne Canyon
the next morning to get a few more pictures before we head back
to Edmonton.  At least the parking lot was cleared out, but the
pathway was one sheet of ice.
If you look closely, you can see animal tracks down below.
There were a few footprints too, how they got down there?
Beautiful scenery

Maligne Canyon is full of narrow, intricate canyons.
And absolutely gorgeous in the wintertime, with all 
the frozen falls.

We only met two couples along the path, we had the first couple
take a picture of us.  They were so kind and interesting.  After
talking to us for a little bit, the gentleman who was not very old, 
revealed to us that he was dying of cancer, he only has months to live.
It was very sad.

I'm assuming this is the track of a wild, ferocious animal.
I found these on the path, they are so delicate and the berries so blue.
Rock, roll and erode
Wedged boulder
This shows the extreme steepness of the canyon, and I still
can't believe we saw human footprints at the bottom.

The mighty picture taker, great hunter of the perfect picture.

Look at the amazing stalagmites at the bottom.
You can see where logs get caught in the bottom during the summer.

We're puzzled at what is causing the snow bridge below.

My two guys, such a great day with the two of them.
Look it's the "shining" all over again.

There was a surprise in the parking lot, Bambi

and Bambi's mother.
We moved down to the 5th and 6th bridge by way of the road
and took these shots of the river and lower bridge.
This bridge is just make shift, I think it was just barely built.

This is the old bridge, we think they must have shut it down for
safety reasons.
I took this one with my camera with the timer, not bad.
The other couple we met, down by this bridge, were making
there way across the country sleeping on peoples couches.
They are also heading to Utah to work on an organic farm.
They were interesting and very friendly.

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