Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Temple Day

I love mission temple days.  We get four a year and I look
forward to each one.  It's a special day to spend the morning
in a session with our missionaries.   The temple opens just 
for us for a special 8:00 AM endowment session.  The room
is filled with elders and sisters only.  We had one senior couple,
ten sisters and the rest of the room was full of elders, about 36 of them.
I like to take pictures between the 8:00 session and the 11:00 one.
Elder Mann and Elder Coe
Our Sherwood Park elders,  Elder Groskreutz, Elder Ganley, 
Elder Taylor, Elder Jones and Elder Boatman
This is the first group that left the temple.
And this is the next group waiting to go in.
I wanted to show how cold it was, you could see your breath, so
I told them to blow, they look like they're blowing out a fire.

Then I explained what I was doing, they did it a little more carefully,
but you still can't see the breath, oh well.
Some of our sweet sisters,
Sister Nash, Sister Siu, Sister Kuroki and Sister Holyoak.
Elder Scarlett tried to sneak in on the sisters picture.  See his
thumbs up and his pretty bag.
The sisters, without Elder Scarlett,
Sister Bunker, Sister Atkinson, Sister West and Sister Williams.

I enjoy going to the 8:00 session with President and then I stick
around and go through the second session at 11:00 with the rest
of our missionaries.  They don't have enough room for all of the city 
missionaries in one session, so they let the rest of them come and attend
the 11:00 session.  Being here, makes my day.

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