Monday, December 12, 2011

82nd Ave

Today we strolled down 82nd Ave, and did a little Christmas
shopping and just enjoyed the season.  The weather was beautiful
and cooperated very well.  We walked up and down the street for 
over two hours.  It was very enjoyable.
The windows were loaded with fun little scenes to look at,
it felt just like the Ogden park back home.
These musical and dancing bears were darling.
This tree was very clever, it sucks the fake snow in, 
down at the base and shoots it out at the top, making it look like
it's snowing.  You'd think the little foam balls would fly all over
the place, but they don't.  Very pretty.
One of my favorites was this little corner window with busy
little elves baking up goodies for Christmas.
Sorry for the poor pictures, the sun wasn't out but the shadows
were still very harsh.  If you look closely, you can
see our reflections in the glass.
This one was better, we blocked it with our bodies.
band monkeys
they move too!
happy frosty, makes me want to build a snowman
Loved this one, it's a candy making factory,
the little elves are sending the empty jars through the machine
and they are coming out the other side, filled with candy.
Neat trick!
We had a very nice time together and it was fun to just do
something for us, well for me.  Chris just went along and played
the role of "good sport".

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