Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Attention K-Mart shoppers, we have incoming!
Just kidding, I wanted to start with something new, we've done
this a few times so I wanted to shake it up a bit.
Let me start again.  Right smack in the middle of our
Christmas, the church sends us 10 new missionaries.  
Bring 'em on, we are ready, willing and mostly able.
The fun part is we get to bring our kids and let them see
how it all goes down.
Playing with the camera, making sure everything is working,
I'm still now happy with my pictures, see the glare.
This is much better, of coarse it's taken by Heather's camera.
As was this one, not a bad picture, if I do say so.
And here they come,
I'm glad Heather captured these shots, it's fun to see it from a different 
perspective.  We welcomed them to the mission and introduced ourselves.

We were supposed to get nine from the MTC and one elder is flying
up from Calgary, he is from Mexico and doesn't have his citizenship
yet, so he's skipping the MTC and will be trained here.  As you can see
there are only eight, the travel leader, Elder (who remain nameless) missed the bus
this morning and didn't make it to the airport, so another elder took over
and got them all here safely.  President got on the phone and soon discovered
that they got him a flight and he is one his way.  The zone leaders will pick him
and our Calgary elder up and deliver them to the mission home.

We like to get a picture with our new missionaries and
we pulled Courtney in for one as well.

Then our assistants pulled the truck and trailer up and came in to
welcome them too.

Another choo choo train of luggage, so cute!
These missionaries don't know how good they've got it.  The
weather in Edmonton has been wonderful, glorious, warm and dry.
These elders don't have any idea what they're in for, when they
fly in and the weather is this nice.
Can you imagine? no snow, no coats, no wind chill.
Getting all the luggage into the trailer.
Our great family supporters, Heather, Courtney and Brad.

We will take the new missionaries to the mission office
for lunch and paper work and we will meet up with the
kids later.  Dinner at the mission home tonight.
Phew, what a day!

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