Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Conference 2011 #2

Conference number 2, we're doing it all over again.  The morning
devotional/training went very well.   We took a photo of this half
of the mission.
Then we were served a delicious lunch,
the elders love their food,
Look at all those missionaries, tables and tables of them.

They started us off with a wonderful salad,
turkey, potatoes, gravy,
sweet potatoes, peas and dressing balls.
President's plate, yum, yum.

After lunch we sang "Called To Serve" for the kitchen helpers and sat
down to enjoy some talent.  We saw everything from electric guitars to
the Riverbend Orchestra with instruments played with pretend instruments. 
We enjoyed a Christmas medley and watched a couple of elders try and
eat a duck embryo straight from the shell and almost loose their lunch. 
That's where a draw the line, so I made them stop.
Then we saw Sister Woodruff kissing Santa Claus.
Everyone received a package from Santa, thanks to all the wards
and branches, including President and myself.
Merry Christmas to all. . . . and to all a good night.

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