Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning, 2011

Christmas morning, sad day when Santa doesn't 
eat his cookies and drink his milk.
I actually put them out last night, the kids didn't even remember 
and they were still there when I came down this morning. 
 So sad.
We all went to church together to worship on Christmas day.
I love when Christmas is on a Sunday.  It is such a wonderful
time to visit with our fellow ward members and share our joy
of a glorious Christmas morn.  The program was filled with
special musical numbers, including Heather and Courtney
singing a beautiful arrangement of "Away in a Manger",
and two very nice speakers.  It was the perfect Christmas program.

It was so nice to have our entire family with us at church.
We haven't seen that since our farewell.
What a very nice looking Campbell family.  It has been
a real blessing to have them here with us,
a real Christmas miracle.
It was so nice to have our entire family with us at church.
We haven't seen that since our farewell.
When we got home we set to work making out eggs
benedict breakfast.  We all took on an assignment and they were
assembled in no time, and delicious too.
I even had a chance to make my bread braid, topped with
light fluffy frosting.
We ate in the dining room, complete with poppers,
Abby and Jason opened theirs.
Each was filled with a hat (crown) and a trinket.
Brad got golf tees and Heather a bottle opener.
Heather and Tyler look so cute in their crowns,
with their compass and paper clip?  We called Heather's
a Barbie purse.
Breakfast was awesome, we all really enjoyed it.
Then came the stockings, loaded with silly "stuff".
apple pie press for Heather and hockey candy canes for Brad
Abby and Jason, showing off their giant candy canes
inside their stockings.
Heather and Tyler just waiting for the go ahead.
Courtney got one too, but hers is a little bigger
and full of more stuff.
Courtney won't open her presents so Tyler stacked them on her.
She's not a happy camper, at least she's trying to be sad.
She's not doing a very convincing job.
Moose hat!  So cute.

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