Monday, December 26, 2011

Fun and Games

Let's play games.  I love to play games.
The big white board in the basement is the perfect place
to play pictionary or win, lose or draw.
Brad has a strange way of drawing his clues.
Can you see it?  Let me try and explain.
The first picture, looks like a man with a skirt on his head, 
the second picture is obviously a frog and the third picture
appears to be a person throwing up a fish or something.
Well that's what we thought, the answer is:  salads
The first picture represents Caesar, the second, if you look
closely the eye is circled and the third is a person eating from
a salad bar.  Hence, caesar salad, frog eye salad, salad bar,
Let's move on. . . . quickly!
Tyler's up next, he is drawing the United States with an
emphasis on a state in the middle with a star representing the
capital of that state.  I don't remember what the word was, but 
we guessed it a lot quicker than we did Brad's.
It was fun, even though we lost. :(

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