Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Courtney had a special date with Jordan, dinner and then
 they came back here for a minute and then went out to ring in the 
new year with Jordan's sister and husband.
We stayed home, on the other hand, ate lots of good food, 
watched some tv, played some cards and toasted in the
new year with sparkling cider.
Brad and Heather were good sports to stick around with the old farts. 
 There were fireworks at 8:00 over at Festival Place, but we didn't 
hear them until they were practically over, we only saw about three 
of them.  Heather couldn't even get her camera out fast enough.
Then right before midnight, around 11:30 we decided to do something
strange and unusual. . . . .
I cooked up our one and only batch of the year, of opera bar.
smoooooth pink,
chocolatey chocolate,
and creamy vanilla.
We were stirring when the clock struck midnight, but it was all worth it.
I made it with love for Courtney, she asked for it specifically and
I just had a hard time getting around to making it any earlier.
I'll wrap it up tightly and send some home with her.

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