Friday, December 30, 2011

Lights, Cameras and Hot Chocolate

After dinner, we went to the lights, again.  We wanted to show Brad and
Heather.  They've never seen them before.  Jordan met us at the house
and we took him with us.
They've added this beautiful sleigh for people to have their pictures taken in.  
It is a real life dream of mine to own a sleigh and go for long horse drawn rides 
in the winter time.
This is Maisie's, the same place we took the boys to a week ago, so the
pictures are similar but Heather's camera takes a little better shot.
bushes, Santa, polar bears
closer look at the bushes, these are new, I really like them.
In front of the garage, snowmen, Santa, penguins, snowflakes and nutcrackers.
The front door complete with another Santa, icicles, poinsettias
and presents, lots and lots of presents.
Charlie Brown characters and Mickey Mouse
Each window looks into the house and shows another full display

The side of the house is complete with deer, candy canes and trees wrapped
with thousands of little lights.

We asked, "where are the nativity's?"  Well, they're here too.
several of them
And, best of all, the most wonderful little village.  Complete with trees and
details that would blow you away.  I love it!
A train that goes 'round and 'round.  And so many houses.

It's a chilly night at Maisie's Magical Christmas House.
Chilly enough to go home and have a large mug of wonderful, 
flavorful, hot chocolate.  With chocolate covered stirrers.
What a treat!

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