Thursday, December 29, 2011

We're Halfway There. . .

We hit our halfway mark today, we've been here 18 months,
and we have 18 months to go,

18        months
1          leap year
2          Heritage Days
3          Chris and I's birthdays to celebrate between the two of us
4          unique Canadian holidays to experience
10        days of mission president's conferences
11        more of our children's birthdays that we will miss
12        dinners for new missionaries
12        General Conference Sessions
13        Stake Conferences to attend and possibly speak at
17        Fast Sundays
23        major American holidays missed
24        meals for the outgoing missionaries
29        ZLC and NLT meals
32        zone conferences
36+      temple visits
76        p-days
84       (approx.) saying goodbye to missionaries going home
92+     greeting new missionaries at the airport
547     showers in the mission home shower
732     personal interviews with the missionaries

This blog was written and posted 18 days late, so that will explain some of the numbers being off a little.

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