Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Night with the Kids

Today we took the two elders going home and the assistants to 
lunch at Montana's, then we sent them to stay with the assistants
for the night and they will get them to the airport in the morning.
Then we were free and able to spend the night with the kids.
We drove Brad and Heather over to walk through Millennium Place.
They were having some kind of party on the indoor soccer field.
They were running around in comfy clothes and playing volleyball 
and bowling.
They were playing a real soccer game on the other field.
There was a hockey practice going on at the rink.

Edmonton is hosting the World Junior Championship,
we are cheering for the U, S of A.
These are all the countries being represented.
Future NHL players!
And this is how the beginners learn to skate, now this I could handle.
This is an amazing place, besides the ice rink and soccer fields
they have an eating area with concessions,
a children's play area,
not to mention the wave and lap pool
and the lazy river.
they even decorate for Christmas,
with this gorgeous Christmas tree and other decorations.
It's kind of an amazing place.
After, we went for. . . . 
 We'll take a dozen to go, everyone choose your favorite two,
didn't take us long, they were yummy to our tummy's.  

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