Friday, December 23, 2011

West Ed Mall

So we took our money and off we went to the West Ed Mall.
The kids were allowed to spend there money any way they
wished.  Some opted to save it, others to spend it right away.
As for me. . . . 
I'll take $100 worth of cupcakes. . . . just kidding.
Really cute cupcake kiosk named "Once Upon a Cupcake"
notice the names of the cupcakes, Snow White (white coconut),
Red Riding Hood (red velvet cake), Legendary Berry
and Enchanted Forest (chocolate with green mint frosting).  Yum!
The kids shopped, I just took fun pictures, 
of the bridge covered with twinkly lights
and the extra large hockey jerseys.
Then this cute little gal working at a kiosk took a 
family picture for us.  Aren't we just the cutest thing ever?
I can't tell you how happy I am to have the family
together again.
My cute girls in front of a poinsettia tree.

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