Friday, December 2, 2011

The Creche 2011

Another year, another Christmas and another creche.
Last year they displayed over 1,000 nativities, this year they 
exceeded that by 300.  1,300 in all this year.
I take pictures of my favorite ones.  When I compared my photos to 
last year's I found there were a few duplicates.
This one was on the stage, it was approximately 4' high.
Take a peek see of some new ones.
Beautifully painted!
This one was fun, I found it very clever.
I enjoy the ones with unique mangers.
Featured this year, a card room with nativity cards.

They reported over 700 non members attended,
 gave out dozens of Christmas DVD's and had several
bus loads of seniors come through.  A very successful year
and a special start to a wonderful Christmas season.

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