Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

Today, per Heather's request, we went to see. . . .
We Bought A Zoo!
Sweetest, saddest story ever, I cried in several places,
it's a real "feel good" movie.  One all families
should enjoy together.  
See, Courtney was so moved by the movie,
she could hardly stand it.  She was overcome with joy!
Because Chris did not want another trip to Whyte Ave., again,
I took Heather and Brad and we went down to look at the
windows and to see if there were any boxing day deals.
Again with the little elves in the store front windows.
See the mushrooms on the table,
and the little toilet paper in the bathroom.

Me taking pictures
and pretty lights on the street.  The weather has
been so mild,  it's actually quite enjoyable to walk down 
82nd Ave, especially in the evening.

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