Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day, 2011

Christmas day was nice and quiet, just family and
spending time together, all I could possibly ask for.
the posers!
I even got into the action,
 a pretty crystal snowflake votive holder.
Courtney got a tie dye kit.
and. . . . 
a moose hat!
It's so you, just look at that smile.
New ties and socks, just what the President ordered.
don't ask
what a sweetheart.
the poppers, they are quite a thing in Canada.  They are everywhere
at Christmas and other holidays.  I'm definitely going to pick up some
 of these next year to take home, I'll wait until they are half price 
of course like these ones that I bought last year, for this year.
There were some fun prizes, this puzzle was one of them.
We let Jordan open one and we let Heather open another one,
because she got the fun Barbie purse (clip) the first time.

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