Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cookies and Sisters

After I fed the zone leaders lunch and sent them home, the real fun began.
The sisters, all 16 were invited to the mission home for cookie decorating.

Last year we had a "cookie exchange".  All the sisters brought a batch of cookies, 
and I made several different kinds and we divided them up.  But this year I
made it a little simpler.  I just made a double batch of sugar cut out cookies
and let the sisters frost and decorate their own.
Of course, I can't make it that easy I had to add on more,
so I told the sisters, if they would supply the quart jar, they could make
brownies in a jar for their Christmas present from me.
Of course only about 6 of them remembered to bring their jar.
These are the plates of finished cookies.
Here's one sister putting on the finishing touches
and more cookies.
Welcoming the sisters into our home with my blocks.

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