Thursday, December 22, 2011

82nd Avenue at Christmas

We took the boys and their wives to 82 Ave,
to have a look see at a couple of places we thought
they might enjoy.
We went to the comic store, Jason and Abby really enjoyed it.  
Then we moved on to a few other stores that were full of
 eclectic items.  We found a Taiwanese store that sold clothing
and boots in the front and food in the back.  Jason and Abby
 had an authentic red bean cake, hot off the grill, you might say.
Santa's elves busy at work.
Then we went to Chianti's for dinner.  Pasta
for Heather's birthday dinner.  She loves pasta.
Chianti's is fast becoming a family favorite.
They serve homemade pasta in many different ways, yum!

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