Saturday, December 31, 2011

Skating on Thin Ice!

We found this box in the garage with a missionaries name on
it and what we found inside made Brad's day.  It was a pair of
men's ice skates and they just happen to be Brad's size.
So he put them on and took them for a little spin.
He had a ball, he and Heather went over to the lake and
played on the ice.  We walked over to have a little look see.
This is the lake, complete with a hockey goal.
Brad's quite a little skater, who knew?

Too bad the rest of us didn't have a pair of skates, we just had to use our shoes.
Yeah, that's me the smart one, checking to make sure the lake
is really frozen, even though we are already standing on the lake,
the snow has just been cleared back so far, duh!
Don't we look cute?  NOT, I actually have a blanket
wrapped around my head because I don't have a toque.  

Heather did some sliding.
Her shoes look like skates, figure skaters skates.
Oops, didn't see this until we were on our way back to the house.
I would like to know just how deep the ice gets.  We'll have to 
inquire about it and see if anyone knows. 

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