Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bowling for New Year's

Pretend New Year's Day,  we did our traditional bowling on
Saturday because New Year's falls on a Sunday.
First we went to Boston Pizza for lunch.  Brad, Heather and Courtney,
ready to eat their yummy food.
We are looking forward to our food too.
Courtney ordered pasta, and the rest of us ordered pizza, yum!
Then we went BOWLING.  We have been bowling on New Year's
for years thanks to the Murray family.  The only thing
missing, was our other children and the Murray's.
Heather thinks she's nailed it.
Brad has the perfect technique.  
Courtney, looky, looky, see how it's done.
I've never seen so many colorful balls, still doesn't
make us better bowlers.
Brad and Chris are good because they can throw
the bowling balls so hard.
I got a spare, cute picture huh?  Couldn't be uglier, right?
Final score, not that great but at least we were all pretty close.
Heather won by one pin over Dad, with Courtney a close third
also by just one pin.  Then there was me and Brad, oh well.
Heather took a picture of us on our way out.  Fun day,
and the day is still young.

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  1. We will have to bowl again and hopefully we can get higher scores. ha ha. Still super fun!