Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outgoing. . .early

We experienced something new this month.  We have a group 
of missionaries that are going home early, so they won't have to be 
away from home for three Christmases.
We had to play things a little differently, companionships
had to be shuffled and then they dropped the outgoing off
at the mission home.
Some of their luggage, they have to weigh and re-weigh to get it
just right.  They manage to collect a lot of "stuff", don't know how or why.

After a lunch of sweet pork burritos, we 
decorated Christmas cookies for dessert.
This was a interesting group, three from Canada and three
from the states, even more curious, they had two sisters
come out with them, one from Canada, one from the states.

The temple has reopened so we were able to take this group
 to do a session, then we came back to the mission home
for a delicious meat loaf dinner and peach cobbler for dessert,
as per Elder Knight's request.  Then we prepared for our fireside.
We bid a fond farewell to this fine group, the Canada Edmonton Mission
will miss you, as will we.

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  1. Love reading your blog. Elder Knight is a good friend of ours. He is the same age as our son who is scheduled to come home from his mission in March. Elder Knight looks awesome and had a great mission from his talk in church. Also our nephew Elder Wright just arrived to your mission of the 27th. He is a good kid! We know you will love and take care of him as you do all the elders and sisters in the Edmonton, Canada Mission. Isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ WONDERFUL!
    Brenda Lerwill