Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner At The Smith's

 Tonight we were invited to the Smith's home.
We just wanted to have a sing-a-long around their new grand piano,
but they insisted on having us for dinner too.  They are just too kind.
The dinner was delicious, stuffed chicken, root vegetables, bread and we
brought a green salad and Courtney's favorite pretzel salad.
Heather loved to love Raya.  She was full of smiles, Raya that is.

This was the delicious and elegant dessert Cindy served us.
As pleasing to the eye as to the palate.
Isn't she adorable.  I mean Raya, not the grand piano in the background.
We ate a lovely dinner and then sat around the piano and 
sang some belated Christmas carols.  Nathan asked the
girls to sing a special song, just for him.  
He loves Courtney and the other Courtney (Heather) and he
always requests that they sing for him.

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