Monday, December 19, 2011

One Horse Open Sleigh

The Bennett's were kind enough to invite us to their
family home evening for a wonderful Christmas
tradition of a horse drawn sleigh ride.
It was such perfect weather for what it could have been.
The night was beautiful and relatively warm, at least not
-20.  We sang and visited and had a ball.
Heather and Tyler with blankets at the ready.
Abby and Jason, blankets and snuggling to keep warm.
These horses were gorgeous and so well trained.  The owners were
full of stories and very proud of their animals.

It was kind of dark and the flash would scare the horses,
 so the pictures aren't great.
We were chilled to the bone so we headed home and enjoyed
a hot chocolate bar, specially made by. . . . ME!
We had chocolate, marshmallows, white chocolate
whip cream, marshmallow fluff, crushed candy canes,
chocolate dipped candy canes and
chocolate dipped spoons for stirring.
Heated milk and we're ready to roll.
I put out some cream cheese, chipolte sauce and crackers,
just to round things out.  We had such a nice time.
The hot chocolate was delish.
What a wonderful night with our boys and their wives, I only
wish all our kids could have been here and experienced it.
It's one of my secret dreams to own a horse drawn sleigh.
Someday. . . . 

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