Friday, December 23, 2011

Candy Cane Lane

Tonight we are in for a treat, a Christmas wonderland of
fun and lights, in Edmonton.
We started by driving down "Candy Cane" Lane.
It's a street that goes for 10 blocks and the houses
are decorated up and down both sides.
Some houses sing, some have blow up toys and others have themes.
It's really quite fun.
We found a Red Robin downtown and ate dinner there.
We ran into the Smith family from our ward, 
of all the restaurants in Edmonton, what are the chances.
We made sure they knew it was Heather's birthday,
they sang to her and brought her a free hot fudge sunday.
She's smiling, but she was not thrilled about all the attention.
Food was yummy, company was awesome.
From dinner we drove to the "Ledge".
The lights were very pretty, but it's not temple square.
Here's our cute family in front of the tree
Brad, Heather, Courtney, Abby, Jason, Heather and Tyler
The legislature building, gorgeous.
and more lights.
This is the wading pond in the summer, kids were running
and sliding on the frozen snow.

Here's my favorite,
the Telus building.
I don't know how they do the trees, but they're really fun.
Kids in the van, aren't they silly, cute but silly.

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