Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today we thought we'd set sail on the "Titanic",
there is a display at the Telus Museum, so we decided 
to take a look.
A picture of us by the nutcracker,
Tyler and Heather
and Jason and Abby.
Cute little "nutcracker" man
This is a collection of junk,
in art form I guess?
Tree house of license plates
with binoculars.
The place was full of school kids on field trips
Our kids wanted to play too!  This is a green screen,
and Tyler is doing the weather.
Chris tried his hand at it too.
Abby went to the moon,
Jason went to Mars.
Tyler played a motorcycle cop.  Too fun.
The "Titanic" exhibit was fascinating and sad, we all
received a card with a passengers name on it, 
half of us survived, half of us did not.

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