Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Welcome to boxing day and the West Ed Mall,
I've never seen anything like it, people everywhere,
it was literally wall to wall people.  Wall to wall, in the mall.
We took Jason and Abby to the airport then headed for the mall,
and why?  Because we are going to the water park, yeah!
We packed sandwiches to save money and time and we ate
them in the food court by the water fountain.
We even made our sandwiches on this special red and 
green Christmas bread, it matches Heather's nails.
We last went to the water park in the summer with
Tyler and Heather and with Brad and Heather.
They've added some new slides since then.  This particular 
one is a complete loop slide.  You enter the tube in a standing
position (you can see it, middle left), then the bottom drops out and 
releases you, you drop down, it shoots you back up and around the loop
and then back down to the bottom.  Courtney, Jordan, Brad and Tyler
all took a turn, not the rest of us, too chicken.
We decided to just play in the wave pool instead.
Tyler and Heather are getting ready to go down the toilet bowl.
At least that's what we call it.
Whenever there are two slides, we race!

We had a wonderful day together, with the kids
and Mr. Octopus.

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  1. Hey, I think I remember that waterpark. When I taught school we took the band one year to the Edmonton Klondike days and of course took the kids to the mall!